This Week in Publishing: Children’s Book Publishers Get Existential

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Stephen Colbert To Publish Children’s Book

Saying he wanted to “cash-in” on celebrity children’s books, Stephen Colbert penned an illustrated story about a flag pole’s quest for identity. “I Am a Pole (And So Can You!)” will be published by Grand Central Publishing on May 8.

Colbert says in an interview:

“It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to write a children’s book. I hope the minutes you and your loved ones spend reading it are as fulfilling as the minutes I spent writing it,” Colbert says in a press release announcing the book.

Check out this “Colbert Report” video, in which Colbert reads his story to Maurice Sendak and Sendak gives his hilariously honest review:


Heard At a “Digital Publishing Goes Digital” Event

How far can a digital book go before it stops being a book? Does that matter? Can books be created and developed by game developers as well as traditional publishers? Are new formats hurting or helping reading? How many of the old publishing rules still apply? What are the new rules?

In case you haven’t heard, ebook sales rose 350% at Disney last month and Dr. Seuss apps have sold more than 1 million. ebooks are here to stay and publishing events are happening all over the world weekly. Check Digital Book World’s recent gathering in New York if you’re not convinced.


Couple Needs New Home for 30,000-volume Rocky Mountain Land Library 

Credit: The Denver Post

The Colorado treasure is about to be homeless.

Tattered Cover Book Store employees Jeffrey Lee and his wife, Ann Martin, who met on the job, have amassed throughout the years a 30,000-volume collection of books about “the land and people’s connection to the land” that could make any naturalist drool. Imagine, 30,000 books in every nook and cranny, stacked floors to rafters, of their rented home.

The house will be sold and they have a March 8 deadline.

Among the topics in their collection: bird, bee, botany, American Indians and everything natural history. It’s a great collection but right now the couple just needs help to pack and sort out everything. The couple are currently looking for a site for their extraordinary library.


J.K. Rowling to Publish First Adult Novel

J.K. Rowling has inked a deal  Little, Brown Book Group and Little, Brown and Company to publish her first novel for adults. The publisher did not reveal the title or publication date, but the novel will be published in print and eBook formats. Rowling writes in her press release:

“Although I’ve enjoyed writing it every bit as much, my next book will be very different to the Harry Potter series, which has been published so brilliantly by Bloomsbury and my other publishers around the world. The freedom to explore new territory is a gift that Harry’s success has brought me, and with that new territory it seemed a logical progression to have a new publisher. I am delighted to have a second publishing home in Little, Brown, and a publishing team that will be a great partner in this new phase of my writing life.”


Kanye West in VS Naipaul Book?

How did rapper (and some say self important pop chameleon), Kanye West end up in the acknowledgements page of a V.S. Naipaul biography?

Paul Wachter of the Paris Review Daily, recently uncovered a “Kanye West” in Patrick French’s book, The World Is What It Is: The Authorized Biography of V.S. Naipaul. He writes:

“Among the hundred-odd names, sandwiched between Derek Walcott (Naipaul’s fellow Trinidadian and rival of sorts) and Andrew Wylie (Naipaul’s agent), was one Kanye West. Kanye West?”

Little did we know that there are fake footnotes throughout the book.

Mr. West was not available for comment.


Here are 20 gorgeous personal libraries to end your day. :) Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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