This Week in Digital Publishing: An Arsenal of Better and New

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Amazon unveils Kindle Fire

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The Kindle upgrade that lets you shop more and spend more. Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled the Kindle Fire tablet this week which will surely rival the iPad. The company also launched three new Kindle products: the Kindle Touch wifi for $99, Kindle Touch 3G for $149, and a basic (non-touch) Kindle for $79.

Selling for only US$199, the Kindle Fire boasts a stunning, 7-inch color touchscreen, ultra fast web browsing thanks to Amazon Silk, over 100,000 videos and tv shows, free storage for all your Amazon digital content in the Amazon Cloud, and much more. Amazon has a LOT of content, and this is exactly what the Kindle Fire is for – to consume as much as anyone can. It’s at a killer price point, too. Christmas gift, anyone? :)


Kobo Pulse brings life to the eBook

Kobo, the third biggest eBook seller makes eReading more social with Pulse. Built into the Kobo Reader, iOs and Kobo apps, Pulse lets you see how “active” your book is in reading circles. The Kobo Pulse pink indicator gets larger and brighter as you reach pages with more comments and reader activity. Easily follow conversations, share your ideas and comments, and rate your books. Demoed at this year’s f8, Pulse updates get displayed on your Facebook ticker and will also be part of your Timeline. Reading as a personal, solitary activity? Not anymore.


Stephen King reveals sequel to “The Shining”

Jack Torrance doomed as a ghost to haunt Overlook Hotel forever? Or was he a reincarnation of some evil caretaker that existed there before? Whatever ending you may think of, Stephen King’s “The Shining” now has a sequel called “Dr. Sleep”. King appeared at the George Mason University recently for a reading of his newest book, which follows the fully-grown Danny as he uses his mental powers to help ill patients die without any pain. From menacing settings to macabre scenes and really messed up people, we think “Dr. Sleep” may be an interesting read. Sleepless night, guaranteed.


Game of Thrones author joins Amazon’s “Kindle Million Club”

George R.R. Martin, author of bestselling fantasy novel, “A Song of Fire and Ice” has made it to the “Kindle Million Club”.  His individual books have sold more than a million on the Amazon eBook store. Also adding to its worldwide fame is its HBO hit show, “Game of Thrones”, and Peter Dinklage winning that Emmy. The exclusive club includes 10 other authors (such as Stieg Larsson,  James Patterson, John Locke, Nora Roberts, Lee Child, Suzanne Collins, etc) who’ve also passed the million mark.

Martin writes:

It’s a real thrill to be inducted into this one. There are no dues, no meetings, and I’ll be in some wonderful and exclusive company. But really, all the credit here goes to the people who made it possible—to Amazon, my publishers, my editors, and most of all, my readers. I owe this to everyone who ever read one of my books and recommended it to a friend. Thanks, and keep reading. The best is yet to come



In other news:

Independent publishers  on Lulu can now sell their books on Barnes & Noble.

The Smithsonian unearths the lost books of the Bible, Homer’s unpublished work, Jane Austen’s tantalizing and unfinished novel “Sanditon”, and other famous writers’ works.

Miffy’s creator, Dick Bruna talks about how the much-loved rabbit was born out a seaside stroll with his son.


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