My Little Red Friend Elmo

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I grew up watching Sesame Street. Before anyone had heard of phonics, the kids of my generation learnt our alphabets through Elmo, Bert and Ernie.
Back then, I probably watched  well-known celebrities (of that time) perform with the puppets.
Clueless of their celebrity and popularity, to me they were just they were just other human beings, playing second fiddle to the real stars of the show– Elmo, and the rest of the puppets.

Years later, Sesame Streets continues to  invite well-known figures to star in short skits and songs for it’s loyal young audience.

But now, as I view these online videos with my 3 year-old toddler, I can safely say that it’s no longer the puppet that makes me hit the ‘play’ button repeatedly!

Here are some Sesame Streets videos that feature special celebrity appearances.
Jason Mraz and Elmo:


James Blunt with Telly:


Andrea Bocelli with Elmo:


Larry King and the letter W:


And a classic by BB King:


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